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National Rural Health


Something I already new but interesting facts:
21% greater risk of anxiety disorder
39% greater risk of mood disorder
Greater risk of schizophrenia
Have all been found to correlate to being born, raised, and living in the city. More reason to go rural? Our speaker said Tulsa might not fall under this. I strongly disagree with that. We might not be up to par with cities like LA or New York, but I can personally say living in Tulsa is more stressful than living in Ponca City or any rural town.
Well, what is rural? Geography, population density: 1000 per square mile is urban and 6 per square mile is frontier. Distance from urban city, culture, disparities, shortages. All of these things define what rural is.
Rural health disparities: 19.5% report poor health, 27.4% found to be in the obese BMI category, less likely to engage in vigorous physical activity, and higher incidence of cardiovascular disease. These people need healthcare and need it now.
As a rural doctor you get a wider base if a practice, have more community interactions, can have greater impact on your patients health. You actually know your patients too. What better reasons to be a doctor in rural Oklahoma or rural anywhere.
Did I mention that you can get your student loans paid back? There is lots of money out there just waiting to BR spent to pay back your loans. I would much rather have someone else pay my loans back, plus pay me to do what I love and for people that I will know and care about.
Nobody has to convince me, but if you haven’t ever looked into it, rural is quite a bit bigger than you thought it was.
Do a rural rotation!


I love to organize things. Sometimes I organize things so well that I cannot remember what I did with something. At one point in our relationship, this might have been a slight problem for Mike and I because I use to move things and then not remember what I did with them. These things might have been things such as: car keys, bottle openers, sunglasses, hats, just about anything little that could be laying somewhere that I didn’t think it should be for any moment in time.

Well this past weekend I got to help do one of my favorite things: Organize the garage and yes I used the big shop broom to sweep the garage out too! I know it sounds a little strange, but I like to put things into an orderly fashion. We bought shelves, a cork board, screws, boards, all sorts of wonderful things to organize with. So after almost a year of living in our house Mike can finally use the garage, the laundry part of the garage is in an orderly fashion, the floor is clean, and you can find anything that you would want to find that should belong in a garage.

It is beautiful isn’t it? Now I need to organize, well maybe reorganize the office. Then over the past year on our breaks from school we will have cleaned out every closet in our house, bookshelves, the garage, and every drawer in the house as well.

What a super productive Sunday we had, it was quite enjoyable even though we were doing work.

There will be nobody calling us “Hoarders” around our house!