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Is this a normal feeling.

The Match is 5 days away. As I sit here and wait on patients to show up there are a million things that are going through my head right now. Everything from what’s going to be for dinner, where are we going to be living once we figure out where I match, why is this week going by so slow, how many miles am I going to run tonight, why are first weeks of rotations so awkward, I need to go grocery shopping, etc. I’m sure that drives my point home.
I can’t seem to focus long enough to read more than one or two pages in my endocrinology book. This stuff is pretty interesting too.

I feel that this picture is pretty representative of my life right now. This coat hanger has so much potential. I’m sure will hold many coats in its future and stay in the wall for many years to come. Unfortunately right now it is sitting in a brand new office waiting for someone to pick it, someone to need it to hold their coat, right now it’s just two screws hanging out of the back of a panel.

How to get picky eaters to eat their veggies… my take on this article

How to get kids (and other picky eaters) to eat their veggies..

This is a really great article. I have never had a problem eating vegetables. My grandmother use to feed my sister and I frozen vegetables for snacks when we were little and staying at her house. Yes, I do get some strange looks from my husband when I eat frozen vegetables, but I think it is a fun snack. I am so thankful that Mike likes vegetables and is willing to try new ones. Every week when we pick up our vegetable co-op bag, we never know what we are going to get, but we are prepared to try whatever it may be. We have recently started finding other ways besides just boiling or steaming vegetables to eat them. I really enjoy any of them roasted, grilled, stir fry, mixing a bunch of them together into a salad, or even roasting them and adding them to pasta with a small bit of olive oil or any delicious light sauce. We need to get away from the processed food world, don’t get me wrong I like to eat a french fry every once in a while, but the other day at the grocery store I overheard a small child asking his parents why they don’t ever shop in that part of the store, the child was referring to the produce department, and yes when you looked in their basket everything was in a box or a frozen meal bag. Local co-ops have great deals on fresh food. I know it takes a little bit longer to make fresh food than boxed food, but at least we know what is going into our bodies and not some wonder of processed food that could sit in our colon for years.

Maybe some of these tricks in this article will work on some of the adults in my life that refuse to eat anything that isn’t covered in butter, grease, mashed, or fried.


I love to organize things. Sometimes I organize things so well that I cannot remember what I did with something. At one point in our relationship, this might have been a slight problem for Mike and I because I use to move things and then not remember what I did with them. These things might have been things such as: car keys, bottle openers, sunglasses, hats, just about anything little that could be laying somewhere that I didn’t think it should be for any moment in time.

Well this past weekend I got to help do one of my favorite things: Organize the garage and yes I used the big shop broom to sweep the garage out too! I know it sounds a little strange, but I like to put things into an orderly fashion. We bought shelves, a cork board, screws, boards, all sorts of wonderful things to organize with. So after almost a year of living in our house Mike can finally use the garage, the laundry part of the garage is in an orderly fashion, the floor is clean, and you can find anything that you would want to find that should belong in a garage.

It is beautiful isn’t it? Now I need to organize, well maybe reorganize the office. Then over the past year on our breaks from school we will have cleaned out every closet in our house, bookshelves, the garage, and every drawer in the house as well.

What a super productive Sunday we had, it was quite enjoyable even though we were doing work.

There will be nobody calling us “Hoarders” around our house!

When life was simple…

When life was simple….

The pictures that my husband sent me from my cousin’s first birthday reminded me of when life was simple and all that you had to worry about was where your toys were, who was going to feed you, and when you had to go to bed.

All I wanted to do was play in my sister’s radio flyer, have my name on everything, read my books, and sleep with my glow worm.












Now life is full of being on the go, study, study, study.

date night

Olive Garden, Wal-Mart, & sitting on the couch for 2 hours just talking to each other.

This might not be some peoples idea of a date night, but it was the best night that I have had in about 2 weeks. Of course there was studying that should have been happening but my marriage and my sanity had to take priority. To be married to a medical student in or any kind of relationship with a medical student has to be stressful. As a medical student so much of life is about prioritizing your time and making sure that every minute of your day is productive, this seems to make relationships more difficult than the average relationship. I think we definitely learning the meaning of what it takes to be married and be married successfully.

The best thing about date night was getting to talk. Talking to my husband and listening to him talk was amazing. He probably gets sick of hearing all the interesting medical knowledge I am gaining and then the interesting things I am starting to learn about what it takes to work in a rural community and then the exciting part of my day that is sitting in a study carrel trying to learn. I absolutely love listening to all the cool things he is getting to do earning his pilot license and his degree. He gets to solo fly for the first time in a couple of weeks. I am so excited for him…. there will be details to follow.