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Great Vaca…

This has been a super busy and fun spring break so far. Road trip one was to Angel Fire, NM. Driving to NM on Friday afternoon was a very long drive. Tulsa to Oklahoma city and then to Amarillo and onto Angel Fire. A 9 hour drive, of course we drove straight through. As my dad would say “we don’t let any grass grow under our feet.”
For the last week of the snow season in New Mexico, there was good snow on the mountain and more snow falling the entire time we were there.
I love snow skiing. I am going to have to try snow boarding the next time we go.


I think there about 8 restaurants in Angel Fire. I think we found the good ones. My favorite was the Roasted Clove. This was the best meal we had the entire time we were there. Monday night is their burger night. Filet migion, ground sirloin steak, guacamole, carmelized onions, well apparently I could just go on and on about this meal. They make their own spicy vinegarêtre, which might have been the best dressing that I have ever eaten.




It was sad yesterday when we left to come back to Oklahoma. It was snowing. This snow was the most beautiful snow I have ever seen. We got to use the four wheel drive in the new pickup.




I like it that 8 inches of snow doesn’t shut down communities in New Mexico and Colorado.


Day one of snow skiing was successful.

Skiing lesson went well!

We went to the top of the mountain and the backside of the mountain.

I can probably count on one, maybe two hands how many times I fell down. Mike didn’t fall, not even once.

I even successfully made it down a BLUE slope.

This has been a great trip so far and we still have three days! We are both tired and trying to prevent ourselves from being sore. I don’t know if my legs have gotten this much of a workout in quite some time.
Couples getaways are the greatest.

weekend after snow week

Today is Superbowl Sunday….

I feel that I should be spending my day studying and preparing for the week ahead of me since the week behind me has been nothing but a real snow week. Instead of studying the entire day I shoveled snow, I made oreo balls, pioneer woman meatballs, dug my car out of the street, and did some laundry.

I tried to study every day and do not feel that I accomplished very much at all, but yesterday I feel that I caught up with microbiology as much as I could stand and I have done a little bit of neuroanatomy but tomorrow will be crunch time when I make sure I am going to do well on my first exam of the semester.  We will also be getting our new semester exam schedule after I already made my calendar very bright and pretty, now I am going to have to white out the calendar.

Last night my husband was a trooper and took me to the ballet. We saw the ballet of “Taming of the Shrew”. It was my husbands first time to go to the ballet and I was super proud of him for going with me and watching it because I know that it was not his favorite thing to go do but he did it for me.  It was a comedy and it was pretty entertaining.

Here shortly we will be off to Brooke and Barry’s house to watch the super bowl and hang out with our good friends. There is going to be lots of food, alcohol, and watching some football. There shouldn’t be lots of snow stories since we have all seen each other this week! We shall see….

snowmagedon or snowpocolyse 2011

yesterday they started saying we were going to get a foot of snow after having an 80 degree Friday and Saturday. Really Oklahoma can you not make up your mind whether it should be spring, summer ,winter, or fall? Well the medical school closed, rescheduled our exams, and now has closed for a second day. Guess we shall see what the rest of this week brings, hopefully not anymore snow I would like for spring semester to be over before June. Oh and if I stay home to long I am going to gain some serious weight because between this morning and dinner 2 loaves of bread, a batch of cinnamon roles, a roast, roast beef, a mixture of vegetables, toquitos, and well drank an entire pot of coffee, plus maybe 3 hours of studying throughout the entire day! So yes I need a schedule to keep my life on track and to keep my eating normal and under control!