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new personal journey

So I am starting a new journey this week. Well maybe not a new journey a continued one that is a hard struggle sometimes. I have to remember that my well-being, health, and fitness level are directly reflective of the person that I am and of the person that I hope to be.  I joined Team Beach Body as an independent coach. I am using Shakeology ( and am starting a new workout program called Insanity Asylum ( I have a great support system and hope that I can be a great support system for people looking to get healthier and more fit.

I am planning on using my blog to help keep me accountable to my workout/health & fitness partner, Lindsey Bastemeyer. Plus I can fill anybody else in on how great Insanity is or anything else I am doing to help me fit into my skinny jeans, have more energy, and be happier and healthier. I am hoping that I will have people join me along the way of this continued journey to health and wellness.

dropping off

So Lindsey Bastemeyer. came to see us for a few moments last night. She is an amazing woman that is married to a pretty great guy, Michael Bastemeyer. Michael is getting ready to deploy to Afghanistan with the 45th Infantry Division – Tactical Realism. Lindsay got to see Bass when he came home for leave a couple of months ago and she got to go to Mississippi about a month ago to see him. Now they are done with training and counting down the days until they deploy, then the days of being in country will start being counted or the days until he comes home safely.  The Oklahoma deployment is the biggest deployment of the 45th infantry since the Korean War, well that is what you hear on the news anyways, but I know they said the same thing three years ago when the 45th Infantry, along with my husband, Michael Duroy.were deployed as part of Operation Iraq Freedom. Everyone that was deployed in 2008 made it home safely and I pray that everyone deploying now in the 45th, and anyone else’s family members that are deployed come home safely.

As I dropped Lindsey off at the airport this morning it reminded me of all the tears, all the long nights, all the long weekends, and early early mornings that happened when Mike was deployed to Iraq.  Every morning I would wake up at 4 am so that I could talk to him before my day started and his day was ending. Thank God for technology. I could actually see his face when we would be on the internet talking and just the fact of knowing he was on the other end of the computer talking to me. The biggest thing that dropping Lindsey off at the airport reminded me of was when Mike was suppose to have a weekend off at the end of their train-up when they were at Fort Bliss, Texas.  It was the weekend of January 19, 2008. I left on a Friday afternoon to drive all night to get to El Paso, TX by morning. This was one of my first cross countries trips with just one other girl in the car, off to see the love of my life and her significant other. We drove across Oklahoma, across the Texas panhandle, and down through New Mexico to reach El Paso, Texas early early in the morning. That was one of the best and one of the shortest 48 hour periods of my life, and yes it was a tear filled “see you later” because  I refused to say “goodbye”. I was glad that I had wedding planning to do during the year he was gone, I graduated from college, lost 35 pounds, and kept myself very busy. I am thankful that Mike is home now and continuing his education. Thank you GI bill.

Deployment sucks. I hope these next four days seem like they take an eternity to go by for Lindsey and Bass. We will keep you busy this summer Lindsey and school and work and traveling back and forth to Tulsa, America are going to make things go by hopefully quickly. If you know someone who has a spouse deploying, remember it is hard on both ends. It is a different battle for the one at home then it is for the one overseas, but either way it sucks. Keep all of you in my thoughts and prayers, keep you head down and come home safe and at home keep your head up and know how awesome life is going to be when your soliders come home.



So I have recently, well in the last two months figured out that I am most definitely a scheduler. If I can make a schedule, a to-do list, something that I can put lines through and feel as if I have accomplished something that I can see besides just know it in my mind. Well at spring break I made a study schedule to get me through the last semester test and yesterday I had to make my schedule to get through finals week. To tell you the truth it was a little stressful not having a schedule made on Monday so that I would have a plan for this week and the rest of the semester. Well now I have it finished, or well close enough to finished that it will work for me. I know that some people don’t understand because they can just fly by the seat of their pants, but right now in my life I need a plan, I need a schedule, tell me when to study, when to go to class, when I can eat, when I can see my husband, and when I can sleep, then I will be able to survive the rest of the semester. That’s all I need in my life is a little bit of scheduling.


on the way to second year

Everyday gets us closer to second year. Everyone of our class seems to have a countdown to the end of the semester. Well today in microbiology lab we also started a countdown to the end of the world. It has been quite interesting.  People that have influenced, helped, pushed, made a day better, listened to me cry, listened to me be happy, and those who I have spent small breaks from school with.  These are pictures of us all acting like professionals, one day we will be there, but right now we can pretend.


Falling apart

Humpty dumpty sat on a wall,
humpty dumpty had a great fall,
all the kings horses and all the kings men tried to put humpty back together again.

I feel that we all fall at one point in life.
Remember you are here doing what you are suppose to be doing.
Things will be hard. Things are hard. Things will get better and get worse.
Light at the end of the tunnel is very dim right now, but everyday it gets a little brighter.
Thank goodness we have each other to put each other back together again and to not let each other fall.
I will get through, you will get through, with blood, sweat, and tears, plus laughter and extreme excitement and extreme exhaustion.

We are all going to be okay!
We are all going to be okay!
Mike, Haley, Jacob, Natalie, Brooke, Barry Danielle,
thank you for being second family,

thank you for being there when I have fallen apart

and I will always be here to pick you up if/when you fall apart

its hard but we are going to be awesome!

awesomeness awaits us!
watch out world!
are you ready?