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Another 4 weeks gone

Spending 4 weeks in OB/GYN was amazing. Besides learning, delivering babies, assisting with C-sections, and surgeries, actually getting to be part of bringing another life into the world was one of the most exhilarating things ever. The first time parents lives are being changed forever when that new little life comes into the world!

photo credit: @medstudentlife and @debbieeibbed

I also discovered how near and dear to my heart women’s health actually is.
So after an amazing month I think I really do have a top 3 now.
I am not sure how much the things I love are influenced by the doctors that I am with. These doctors work long hours, love what they do, and seem to enjoy their home lives and be honestly happy. I know I have other rotations where I will be with other physicians that do the same thing and hopefully I will figure out if these 3 different medical professions and lifestyles biased my decision because how amazing the doctors I first encountered these specialties with or if they are really as amazing as I think they are right now!
Whatever happens I need to make up my mind, the time had come I need to be thinking about audition rotations being set up and finishing up my fourth year schedule.
These past 6 months/7 rotations have flown by; fourth year will be here before I know it.

Just keep swimming

I sing this to myself as I am running. “just keep swimming, just keep swimming, swimming, swimming….” thanks Dorie (Finding Nemo).

After having this duck given to me today after listening to residents, the residency director, and coordinator of NW Residency program talk to our school today, I decided I need to “keep swimming” for the rest of this semester and through boards. Then maybe I can float for a couple weeks in June and get back to swimming in July.

“just keep swimming!”

These are the things that kept me company

It’s hard to learn anything when you feel crummy.
Comfy close.
Space heater.

Cough drops.

A box of Kleenex in every room in the house.

Hot tea. Hot coffee. Water.
Hope to feel better in the morning.
This “cold” or allergies, or whatever it is needs to go away, NOW!
Okay, I’m done complaining.

catching it….

So they say when you are medical school any disease that you study or learn about you are probably going to think that you have it. Well low and behold last week Dr. Conrad started lecturing to us about Streptococcus. I believed he started those lectures on Thursday morning. I woke up Thursday morning and had a sore throat, crusty eyes, and my ears hurt. No big deal right, just allergies probably, I am not use to Tulsa allergens yet.


Well as I sat there in class I kept telling myself, you don’t have strep throat, you just have allergies. Even though Dr. Conrad did a pretty good job of convincing me that I probably had streptococcus A. As the day went on I did not feel any better. Well Thursday turned into Friday feeling bad, and then Saturday morning came. I could barely talk and my head just felt like crap. Bad allergies? a virus Mike and I have been sharing for about a month? or do I have strep?  Well took some Sudaphed had a throat lozenge in my mouth almost all day, and it started to feel a little better. At home I decided to put my clinical skills tools to use and the fact that I have taught Mike how to use them. He looked in my ears and throat and compared it to this picture and told me I think you have some of that on the back of your throat, plus soar ears, and swollen lymph nodes. Diagnosis from the husband: “You have strep & maybe stay arms length away from me, I don’t want you to share it with me.”

Well diagnosis from the doctor today, I have strep and here is a prescription for some antibiotics.

Mike maybe you should be the one going to medical school, or maybe you should just join the train. Its a great ride to be on. 🙂 I love you for putting up with me. This is the strangest case of strep throat I have ever had. No fever, I am still functioning as a real person, my throat and ears just hurt. Its a good thing I don’t think I need to be to sick this time in the semester. Please everyone keep your bugs to yourself and I will keep mine to myself for the rest of the semester.

Antibiotics, renal physiology notes, and now dinner with the husband. I shall feel better in the morning and finish my prescription so that I don’t make a super bug!


His view, my view










how do you spend an evening with your spouse in the middle of midterms?
cook dinner together
his headphones in
my earplugs in
3 hours of studying
wouldn’t trade it for the world…. it will be worth it for both of us one day!


Spring Break is 9 days away!
I am not sure how much of a break it will be except for having to sit in class. It appears it might be time to get caught up.
In the first 8 weeks of school we will have had 11 test if you include that lab portions of the test we have had, which boils down into actually we have only had 7 weeks of school and three weeks of nothing but test.

When we come back from Spring break there are only 7 weeks of school left and 6 test in those 7 weeks. Then finals week.

64 days of class left
7 days of finals
It has to get better right? We shall see!