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Questions we will all eventually be asking ourselves. Now what?

Barefoot Whispers

Reuters reports that antibiotics are not useful for most sinus infections. Excessive prescription of antibiotics has lead to large-scale resistant organisms.

Okay, this I know.

But now what? Antibiotics make patients feel better. A frequent sufferer of sinusitis, I know this. So now my patients walk away from a consultation feeling that their doctor doesn’t care about their suffering. I don’t see many doctors being happy with that.

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Barefoot Whispers

It’s STI/Condom awareness week in South Africa! I find it mildly amusing that this takes place during Valentine’s Week – whether that was intended as a buzz-kill is debatable. 

Happy Valentine’s Day to you, if you support it.

I remember many soppy and not-so-soppy Valentine’s Days in my past. There were the times I nervously awaited the day, wishing for a secret note. There were the times that the secret note didn’t come from the boy that I wanted. There were the wishes for a first kiss when I was twelve.

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love to reblog good messages: community interactions

To see poverty is so much different that reading about it, knowing anout it, and being told you will treat impoverished patients. Going out into the community, helping those in need is a good reminder of why you get into medicine.
Our school went to rural Oklahoma to help with the Mission of Mercy. Second and first year medical students helped triage close to 2,000 people in order for them to get free dental care. This dental care could be teeth cleaning, fillings, extractions, and root canals. This also was a good reminder of how healthcare is a team effort. Some of these patients had undiagnosed diabetes, htpertension, and some pathology in their mouths that need to be looked at by a physician.
Education, communication, and assistance. What a great learning experience and health care experience last weekend was.

Barefoot Whispers

Our university has started to rethink our way of welcoming first year students, in such a way as to promote the HOPE project. The HOPE project focuses on three pillars:

Academic Excellence


Community Interaction

It is the latter that has been revolutionary: for universities to accept responsibility in the community is less obvious than the former two.

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Guess that’s something to look forward to?



– Are you Jasmine? No, Tenelle? No, Daniel? Ahhh, Anastasia.

– Here, have a cookie, dear, you look pekish.

– You can’t talk to me, I’m not even here! I’m on morning tea!

– Poor new doctors. They look like little lost puppies.

– You are so pretty and stylish. You must be from Melbourne.

– Can you re-chart Mr Smith’s meds ASAP? No, the next dose is not due for another 3 hrs. Yes, it’s still urgent.

– Yes, I can fax this for you. Yes, I will do the ECG. Yes, I will pass it on to the nurse who is looking after your patient. Yes, I will find the chart that you were carrying around and lost somewhere in the ward. No, I don’t do bloods.


– Hello, Mr Wendell. I’m one of the doctors who will be looking after you. Yes, all  female doctors…

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realized this today….

I realized this today: It has almost been three years since Mike and I got married, and I have procrastinated in actually ordering pictures or an album from our wedding photographer. I have the disc with all of the pictures on it, so I have some prints from the wedding, my parents, and in-laws have pictures too. We still have a huge credit that came with our package to order pictures or an album.

New goal before spring break: pick out what album and pictures I need to order over spring break. Have album or some beautiful photograph from the wedding for our 3rd anniversary.

Some of my favorites!

Best photographers:  Colorband PhotoArtisans, thank you Roy & Jamie for such great photographs and letting me be a procrastinator on ordering our wedding pictures.

True statement

By Niki Photography

This sentence is all about me and my life, so far. I guess many dreams are more reachable than we think. Just keep jumping 😉 Picture above is one of examples: I start longing for fall, during two days I collected enough leaves to make my dream come true. Seychelles

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greatest grocery store that I haven’t been to yet

One of my dearest friends parents just moved back to Oklahoma and opened Sunflower Farmer Markets.  I love there promotion of Your source for meal planning, printable coupons, savings and recipes. :: Sunflower Markets. The new store that I am talking about is Oklahoma city located at :

6410 N. May Avenue
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73116
I wish that I lived closer to this store! The pictures that I have seen from my friends make it look like one of the most wonderful grocery stores in the world. They have fresh produce that looks like it just came off the farm. The prices I have seen are ridiculously cheap for the quality of food that you are getting.  What else is pretty cool is that they have weekly adds that are worth looking at and using: Weekly Circular Advertisement :: Sunflower Markets.
I am pretty sure that I am in love with this place and have not even been to this store yet. I have had a few friends drive from northern Oklahoma to visit this grocery store and do all of there grocery stopping.  I hope all my friends and family that live in OKC  will take advantage of this new wonderful store located in the heart of Oklahoma City.