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Starting my marathon training this week has reminded me about how much I use to love to run. I wish I wouldn’t have stopped running every day of the week.
Running by myself is kind of boring at times, but also very peaceful and just time to be by myself.
I downloaded Hal Higdon’s Marathon training app to help me keep track of my progress and stay on track.
Today is just an easy three miles, but the last three miles I will ever run in a pair of glasses!
It’s a little rainy and cloudy out, but I think it will be a beautiful run.


Is spring here?

March 1st, in Oklahoma we never know if it will be sunny, windy, snowy, cloudy, or rainy.
This year it has been a very mild winter. I think we might have a crazy spring storm season. (pending aviation weather being correct!;))
Post test/pre-studying afternoon was a wonderful spring day.




Time with the husband.
Time outside.
Clean car.
Dinner cooked on the grill.
Not a bad day, for being completely exhausted.