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Medicine, rotations… so many decisions, such little time

I have been on a blog hiatus. 

Yes, that is what the third year of medical school has done to me. Not only have I not lived at home now for 6 weeks, I have been averaging 4- maybe 6 hours of sleep if I am lucky of sleep, and loving every single day of it. Well that is until I am trying to read at night and find myself falling asleep in my books. 

I am unfortunately (or fortunately?) one of those medical students that has loved every rotation that I have done so far. Some more than others, but seeing the importance of rotating through the primary cares and seeing why having some understanding of these aspects of medicine as I move throughout my medical career is important. 

ImageGeneral surgery month: I scrubbed and was first assits on 57 cases in 4 weeks, but who’s counting right? Being pimped, reading, rounding on patients at 5 a.m., “being given the opportunity” to be WRONG & learn from it, and seeing how happy patients are after they recover from their surgies were all great aspects of my surgery month.  Of course the happy part of medicine has to be accompanied by the sad part too: the dying patient, the  breaking bad news about surgical findings to a patient & their family, and the patient that is done fighting the cancer.  Experiences that are important to see and learn to deal with professionally and personally. 


I am having some problems narrowing down what I want to be when I grow up; you know besides a doctor. But after last month of general surgery and the first week of OB/GYN I think I would be more than happy to spend the rest of my life as an OB/GYN, taking care of women’s basic healthcare and gynecological surgical needs. I still have 3 weeks left of this core rotation, but after scrubbing in & assisting on my first C-section yesterday and getting to be the person that caught the babies from 2 vaginal deliveries I strongly think I could do this the rest of my life. 

boys, boys, boys

So I might not be ready to have children, but spending the morning with these two cuties makes me know that I want to be a mom one of these days. It wasn’t all fun and games, there were breakdowns, crying, and I don’t want to share moments, but there was also lots of fun! We played catch, played with frogs, dug in the dirt, played with the big dogs, played on the swing set, chased the ball, and just played outside for a good 2 or 3 hours this morning. Peanut butter and jelly makes a delicious lunch, with some clementines.

Little boys are fun and can be pretty dramatic. I am glad that Brooke lets me borrow her children and we were glad to help her mom out too! I think Mike and I should have little boys one of these days but he thinks that we need to have little girls. Maybe we should have one of both! Let’s get through medical school and then we can talk babies. I think Mike and I will have beautiful babies one of these days, but I could be partial since they will be  ours!

Owen and Blaine you are both super sweet and adorable.