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Tired and apparently hungry

Long day. Long night. Not eating out or eating sweets. We’ve been gone all weekend. I’ve got to study. When was the last time I ate. I think it’s 930 pm?


Now that’s love. Grilled cheese and cuties. That will be great until the next time I need to eat dinner.


Nice surprise to the husband when he got home: I wasn’t studying I was making dinner.  We had yams, apples, and butterfly pork-chops. These sounded like a really odd combination of foods to me when I first saw the recipe, but turned out to be just the right mixture of sweet and pepper.

Most productive study break I ha ve had today.

Oh, and I am already over you pharmacology. The endocrine drugs suck.



Great lunch

So for the next 37 days, minus a date night each week, I am not eating out or eating any sweets. I love sweets and vegetables so I guess I will replace my sweets with more vegetables.
Yesterday instead of grabbing lunch somewhere on my way home from school, I came home for a Friday afternoon lunch. Mike had cleaned the kitchen and was trying to figure out what to make for lunch with what we had in our cabinets, refrigerator, and freezer.
Chicken Alfredo! That sounds really good. Then we had to look up how to make Alfredo sauce. We found this recipe: better than olive garden Alfredo sauce
I would have to 100% agree with the name. Found out that you can substitute butter and evaporated milk for heavy whipping cream and you don’t necessarily have use as much cream cheese as it calls for, but it was pretty delicious.

This was a fantastic lunch! Accompanied by some good tea.

Great way to start my Friday afternoon off! We don’t need restaurants to have delicious food at our house.


It took a long time for me to figure out how to study and an even longer time to figure out where to study. Yes, these are some of the dilemmas that medical students face. Do I study in a group? Do I study by myself? Do I study at home, a coffee shop, the library, a carrel, or a breakout room?

It took me until finals week of the second semester of medical school to figure out that my optimal study space is at home. The only problem with my study space then was that it was a tiny desk that did not have much room for my computer, books, and notes on it all at the same time. Since  I still had that same desk the time that fall semester rolled around I thought that I still needed a study carrel in the library.

The week after school started I decided that I missed studying at home for many, many reasons. I went to office depot and bought a new desk from office depot. What made it even better is that I got a $300 desk for $99. What a deal! After it took Mike about 2 hours to put together this 65 step desk, I now have a wonderful new study space at home! Here are some of my favorite advantages to spending the weekend at home and knowing that I am disciplined enough to stay in my office to do work:

1. I have a coffee maker at home

2. I do not have to plan what I am taking for lunch or must go out to eat because I didn’t bring anything with me

3. I can see my husband on study breaks

4. Good lighting

5. If my phone rings I can answer it and not have to whisper

6. I can see the outside world

7. I can study as early or as late as I want too

8. I can take my earplugs out and listen to the birds chirping outside

9. When the husband is at home he will make me lunch and dinner so I can have optimal study time with minimal interruptions

10. No added stress of other classmates being stressed