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Just keep swimming

I sing this to myself as I am running. “just keep swimming, just keep swimming, swimming, swimming….” thanks Dorie (Finding Nemo).

After having this duck given to me today after listening to residents, the residency director, and coordinator of NW Residency program talk to our school today, I decided I need to “keep swimming” for the rest of this semester and through boards. Then maybe I can float for a couple weeks in June and get back to swimming in July.

“just keep swimming!”

well it all boils down to this

In less than 12 hours I will officially be done with all of my first year medical school lectures. There are 3 days until the first day of finals. Then the week and half of finals will begin on Monday morning. A semester of hard work. I didn’t know how this semester was going to pan out. There have been so many more long nights of studying and learning, pots of coffee, many short breaks for dinner and a hello to the husband, numerous hours spent in my study carrel, my office, and in lecture. Thank goodness I do not smell like the anatomy lab everyday of the week this semester. This semester something finally clicked.

In 12 short hours OMS-I class is over. The weekend before finals has begun, the final countdown of the first year of medical school. How did I get here? How did these past 10 months go by so fast. First year its been real, you have been an eye opener, being a doctor is going to be well worth it.

Hours of parasites, mycology, endocrinology, neuroanatomy, clinical skill, OMM, clinical epidemiology, labs, and then May 17th I will be able to get an entire night of sleep. Less than 2 weeks left of first year! Here goes!