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Whether it is hitting the pavement in my running shoes or on my bicycle I love it!  I love to spend 30 minutes to an hour, just my ipod, my running shoes, the beautiful outdoors, and me!  I am glad that I live in a city that there are trails all over it, and I just happen to live one block off of them. Is it really spring? My allergies say it is. Weather, please keep getting warmer so that I can workout outside. I hate the Dreadmill. I need to get my daily amount of Vitamin D. I love the sun.



So I seem to have a problem with misplacing things. I think this is only an occasional problem, but if you were to ask my husband he would probably tell you I do it all the time. He would also probably tell you that where he puts things down at I don’t think they always belong there, so I will move them.  Later when he comes back to find them, of course they are not there and then he has to track me down, good thing our house is not very big, to find out where I put them. This does NOT happen as much as it used too.

Recently, over the past two months our iPhone/iPad chargers have been disappearing. I told Mike that I thought they were just turning into snakes or something and slithering off. He didn’t buy it. So we made a deal: I had until he got his car back from the dealership (which was today) to find my iPhone cable if I wanted to have a charge on my phone anytime after, well today.  Last night my phone started to die, I didn’t want to ask him to use the one cord that was charging his iPad or the one that charges his iPhone (its in the bedroom and really hard to unplug).  So I decided to search for mine. Surely between the 2 iPods, iPod touch, 2 iPhones, and his iPad there had to be more than two charging cables in our entire house. The search was on.

Finally, I decided to go through some of my things that came out of my carrel and what did I find? Yes, that’s right I found 3 iPhone chargers. So now my phone will stay alive and I am responsible for my 3 cables and will leave his alone.

Hope mine don’t decided to play a game of hide ‘n’ seek again.