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Charts of information will haunt me FOREVER

Anesthesiology rotation. This is an important rotation. It is important to add this information to my medical knowledge, especially since I am going to be performing surgery in my future career. I remember learning pharmacology two years ago. Why didn’t this information stay in my brain. Local anesthetics, general anesthesia medication, volatile gases, nondepolarizing versus depolarizing agents. Fasiculations, what’s that? I really need this information to stick!

  • Drugs
  • Induction doses
  • Maintenance doses
  • Drug onset
  • Drug half-life
  • any other information that is IMPORTANT


It has been a long time since I had to make charts to remember drugs, but I guess it worked for pharmacology. Hopefully it will work for this rotation.

Medicine from a paper towel

Learning today: you were taught medicine and pathology this way, whereas sickness presents this way.

Unfortunately people don’t walk around with signs on them telling you: this is how I should present in your clinic, and these are the signs and symptoms that really matter. At least sometimes they give us clues.
Guess that’s why I am becoming a doctor, so that one day I will be able to connect the dots.

figuring it out

It was amazing today as I sat in the SOAR meeting at lunch to realize “Hey I might actually be learning this stuff and remembering it”
Last semester when I went to club meetings I felt like I was lucky I knew the words that they were saying, let alone being able to point something out that was wrong or knowing the disease process that they were talking about.
What positive things that have happened in the past week to know that I have been learning, can learn and recall these different things. What a wonderful thing to figure out going into the last two semester test of the semester and heading quickly into Finals week!