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the Titanic (today in class)

Today in multicultural health I was a passenger in the second class. My entire row in class were all second class passengers. Brooke and I were the only ones that survived in the first scenario.
Second scenario: my row happen to all be men, and all of us but Brooke died.
I am going to go ahead and say I am never going to get on that ship again. It would be a lonely world for Brooke if we are died on the ship and left her here! Not a fan of the titanic today.


The first weekend of the 2nd year of medical school was a totally different situation than the first weekend of the first year of medical school. There were no questions of what should I be doing? what should  I be studying? Do I have time to do anything but study? None of these things came through my head on Saturday and Sunday. When I went home and packed my bag on Friday night I knew exactly what I needed to go over this weekend and knew that not spending every moment that I was awake studying was okay. It was okay to spend some time with the husband, go for a morning run, make sure I got some sleep so any studying that I did actually counted. Don’t get me wrong I had to study, have to stay caught up, have to work hard, but this year so far the light at the end of the tunnel is not so dim, it is still a very long ways away, but it is believable that this is doable. Having a schedule, having a moment to look up and maybe eat something is so far manageable.

Clinical Problem Solving, Pathology, Psychiatry, Pharmacology, Multicultural health, HP/DP, Rural Medicine, OMM, Clinical Skills, Anatomy TA: this is what second year is about, learning how to apply what I learned last year and learning how to be a physician.

Stay Calm, if not get up and RUN, then try to STAY CALM again….