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Great lunch

So for the next 37 days, minus a date night each week, I am not eating out or eating any sweets. I love sweets and vegetables so I guess I will replace my sweets with more vegetables.
Yesterday instead of grabbing lunch somewhere on my way home from school, I came home for a Friday afternoon lunch. Mike had cleaned the kitchen and was trying to figure out what to make for lunch with what we had in our cabinets, refrigerator, and freezer.
Chicken Alfredo! That sounds really good. Then we had to look up how to make Alfredo sauce. We found this recipe: better than olive garden Alfredo sauce
I would have to 100% agree with the name. Found out that you can substitute butter and evaporated milk for heavy whipping cream and you don’t necessarily have use as much cream cheese as it calls for, but it was pretty delicious.

This was a fantastic lunch! Accompanied by some good tea.

Great way to start my Friday afternoon off! We don’t need restaurants to have delicious food at our house.