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HI! I’m student doctor Duroy and I will be examining you today.

Writing my first H&P:  what is an H&P? How long is this going to take? How many questions do I have to ask? What all do I have to examine?  what does that word mean? Oh, good thing this is just on a family member.

Second year H&P 3 week of fall semester: oh! I think I remember that I did one of these at some point during the spring semester. I have an hour and a half, that’s a really long time! Surely I won’t need to use it all. Well that was a wrong assumption to make.  Maybe I should practice with this stuff a little more.

Second year H&P spring semester: I know what word means. Maxwell’s is my friend. Scunt Monkey is pretty cool.

CC:HPI:PHM:PSH:Allergies:Social Hx: Meds: ROS: does this need to be focused or all-inclusive? Physical exam: Did I forget anything? Oh, I even did some extra test. These patients aren’t as scary as I remember them being. I am not sweating as much as I remember. I know how to use these tools.

Dang it, I knew I forgot something. Definitely need more practice. Let’s see what I can come up with.

Maybe one day this will come as second nature?


Since I started working in the library this summer I have found new inspiration in being a medical student. I have been watching the second year medical students prepare for boards and now they are taking boards. Medical school is like nothing you have ever experienced in your life and preparing to take step 1 of comlex or the usmle seems like it is the same experience. The second years have spent the last two years of their lives being stuffed away in a carrel, an office, a breakout room all in order to take this one test that says they have enough knowledge to be let out onto a hospital floor, into a clinic, and be called student doctor. As I have sat there studying this summer it has crossed my mind about what I actually remember from first year and now as the second years take their boards they tell me, look at so and so this summer because they didn’t and ended up feeling like they had to learn it all over again. There are only a few more COMLEX test dates left in June, then our class of 2013 will move on to rotations, and class of 2014 will officially be the 2nd year class and in less than 365 days we will be taking boards preparing for life outside the walls of a school and no longer just being in a standardized clinic. This is kind of scary but at the same time one of the most amazing things I have ever been given the opportunity to do. So I will pass my test on Friday and pass my test at the end of July, take a break and then try to wrap my head around what the next year has in store for me and my friends.
If you would have asked me a year ago today what I would be doing this summer, there is no way I would have ever thought I would be one year closer to being a doctor, that Mike would be one flight away from having his pilot license, or that we would be so many steps closer to wanting to be what we have wanted to be when we grow up since both of us were little kids. It amazes me how fast life can change. Dr. Stewart was right when she called me last summer, “this one phone call has changed yours and your family’s lives forever.”