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celebration of life

from http://jezebel.com/5812145/ladies-life-expectancy-dropping-unless-youre-latina

We all love birthdays! Fun, friends, presents, and food! Its a time to celebrate the life that you are living with the people that you love. February is a very popular month for people that I know to be born in. People that I can think of off the top my head that are born in February:

February 6: Hannah Adams

February 12: Mason Littleton

February 14: Jacob Bernard, Owen Cheatham, , Owen Huck

February 16: Gloria Martz

February 17: Wayne Kiser, Kourtnie Mollet

February 22: Tim Busheyhead, Paulette Adams

February 23: Tracey Duroy

February 19: Darlene Duroy

February 28: Lindsey Bastemeyer

I am curious if I actually know someone that was born on everyday in February? I bet it can come close, what happens 9-10 months prior to February, that so many children end up being born in February? Happy birthday to everyone that I know and love that is a February baby, I just can’t get over how many birthday parties and events I have been to for people this month.

on the way to second year

Everyday gets us closer to second year. Everyone of our class seems to have a countdown to the end of the semester. Well today in microbiology lab we also started a countdown to the end of the world. It has been quite interesting.  People that have influenced, helped, pushed, made a day better, listened to me cry, listened to me be happy, and those who I have spent small breaks from school with.  These are pictures of us all acting like professionals, one day we will be there, but right now we can pretend.