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what’s next?

There is nothing like the day that you interview for medical school. Then there is nothing like the day that you get into medical school. You survive first year and continue to second year. What is the next big thing that happens? Well it apparently happened today in my class. 3rd and 4th year ROTATIONS schedule. This can be exciting, frustrating, and a little intimidating at the same time. Login to your E-value account, click this tab, fill in this button, and hope that your schedule appears.  Since I am a Rural Medical Track student I had a little better idea of what my rotations schedule was going to look like than most of my classmates, but it was still made my heart flutter as I read my schedule on one little piece of paper that is my life in 4 week blocks, 2 mini-internships, 2 vacations, and step 2 board review all in 20 lines.

Tulsa, Enid, Clinton, OKC, Talihina, and wherever the wind may take me for my selectives and electives.

17 days until Spring Break

70 days until 2nd year is over

104 days until COMLEX 1

123 days until rotations.

We can do this. I can do this. “NO MORE classroom!” that’s the thought that will get me through.

thank you Mike, for supporting me through all of this.

This is what is exciting (for the moment) in a 2nd year medical students life. I am sure it won’t be very long until I am wondering what the next exciting moment of life will be. Guess we can plan a vacation now.


Sitting here getting ready to start studying for the next four hours then I get a break. If it were 9:30 am this fall semester and I had not been studying for at least 2 hours already on a Sunday morning I would be freaking out. I think learning to manage priorities is keep to not freaking out: marriage, sleep, studying, friends, and family. These are the things that need to be managed and managed well so that my life doesn’t fall into a never ending hole and I forget why I get out of bed every morning study for 5-12 hours a day and one day hope to be an amazing physician.
Yesterday seeing all of those bright faces at admitted student day made me remember that life is not as bad as we think it is as medical students and one year ago for some and 6 months ago for others, being a first year medical student was the most exciting thing that we could think of that we wanted to do. Thank you for reminding me of that entering class of 2015.
I must work hard at learning, living, and loving to keep my sanity! If I don’t I will just set myself up for failure and at this point in life, well actually throughout my entire life, failure is not an option. Nineteen days and six test stand between me and spring break.
Get ready, first test block will be over and the success of Spring semester being half way over and getting to enjoy a few minutes of the feeling of “oh I should be studying” will go away for a few short days.