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Grown-up wardrobe

Today was a really long day. Up early to finish reviewing a few things before the pathology exam and then a grueling 2 hours of an immunology/endocrine/autoimmune exam. I then proceeded home to realize I have very few actual dress clothes that are comfortable that I could see myself spending a full day in.
•have many pairs of jeans that have holes in the knees
• enough American Apparel t-shirts to wear for about 3 weeks, that say something about OSU Medicine
•1 pair of flats
•many pairs of heels that I know I could wear all day, but my feet might hate me by the end of the day
• multiple variations of black dresses
• 4 pairs of dress pants
• I made myself proud today, I bought a dress with color in it. There were many, many more dresses with beautiful pinks, greens, yellows, and blues in them. Skirts, tops, cardigans, and beautiful shoes that I am going to have to budget to buy!

• I am glad I have this girl to help me pick out these fun and professional outfits.

So there’s my rant about my awful closet that needs improvement.

on the way to second year

Everyday gets us closer to second year. Everyone of our class seems to have a countdown to the end of the semester. Well today in microbiology lab we also started a countdown to the end of the world. It has been quite interesting.  People that have influenced, helped, pushed, made a day better, listened to me cry, listened to me be happy, and those who I have spent small breaks from school with.  These are pictures of us all acting like professionals, one day we will be there, but right now we can pretend.