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So as we were standing there debating whether or not to purchase these solar lights for our yard an older gentleman walks up and starts loading boxes of these lamps into his cart. He said, “these are normally $70-$80 a set. You should get them.”
So of coarse we grabbed a box, bought them home, and started to take the lamps out of the box. These lights are so big we might be able to make a small runway out of them.
Good deal. Good lights. Bright yard at night.

some people

I have figured out that no matter how hard I try sometimes it is impossible to get over not liking someone. Trying to have a conversation with some people is even impossible. Then there are sometimes that I feel like these people are out to get you, just because they know that there are upset and pissed off feelings between you. Wish I didn’t have to have anything to do with you this summer, but unfortunately I do! Just know this is not any of my amazing family members, friends, or classmates! Some people are just difficult to avoid.