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Giving up…

photo via: http://www.openbible.info/blog/2010/02/what-twitterers-are-giving-up-for-lent-2010-edition/

In my 27 years of life I was in a Disciple of Christ Church. I still do not have the greatest grasp on this religion thing. Having a relationship with Jesus is important to me, praying is important, my marriage being strong in our faith (even if we are figuring it out together), and finding a place that we feel at home trying to figure out fellowship, worship, and beliefs is what I hope for.  The beginning of Lent is coming soon, in about a week. I found this new document about 2012 Lent:  CE-2012_Lent.

My grandmother gives up sweets every year for Lent. She has done this for multiple years of which I remember. Last year was the first year that I actually gave something up and actually stuck with it, it made my faith a little stronger in myself and in God. Giving these little things up in life that I enjoy, is nothing compared to the sacrifice that was given for me.  I have another week to figure out exactly what I am going to do for this Lent season. Last years turned into a forever long thing, it was just little, but I will not drink soda anymore, I can barely handle carbonated beverages anymore.  Adding devotion and time for myself are things that I think I should add for the next 40 days, or for the rest of my life.