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Are we there yet

Last first pathology exam of medical school in about 12 hours.

Until my last spring break.

Until the last didactic semester of my life is over.

Until Step 1. That’s a little intimidating.

Then I get to see this stuff I’ve been learning in the books actually on real patients.
Live life, love my life and the people in it, study, and be successful.
That sounds like a good plan.

Passing it on

Yesterday was the first day of spring semester of my second year of medical school. Finally, the last first day of school for me.
I cleaned out my bookshelf to pass my books on to my first year mentee. It was crazy to look at that pile of books and think about the state of mind I was in this time last year. Just have to keep swimming.



Spring Break is 9 days away!
I am not sure how much of a break it will be except for having to sit in class. It appears it might be time to get caught up.
In the first 8 weeks of school we will have had 11 test if you include that lab portions of the test we have had, which boils down into actually we have only had 7 weeks of school and three weeks of nothing but test.

When we come back from Spring break there are only 7 weeks of school left and 6 test in those 7 weeks. Then finals week.

64 days of class left
7 days of finals
It has to get better right? We shall see!

Falling apart

Humpty dumpty sat on a wall,
humpty dumpty had a great fall,
all the kings horses and all the kings men tried to put humpty back together again.

I feel that we all fall at one point in life.
Remember you are here doing what you are suppose to be doing.
Things will be hard. Things are hard. Things will get better and get worse.
Light at the end of the tunnel is very dim right now, but everyday it gets a little brighter.
Thank goodness we have each other to put each other back together again and to not let each other fall.
I will get through, you will get through, with blood, sweat, and tears, plus laughter and extreme excitement and extreme exhaustion.

We are all going to be okay!
We are all going to be okay!
Mike, Haley, Jacob, Natalie, Brooke, Barry Danielle,
thank you for being second family,

thank you for being there when I have fallen apart

and I will always be here to pick you up if/when you fall apart

its hard but we are going to be awesome!

awesomeness awaits us!
watch out world!
are you ready?

Sunday Funday!

Sunday Funday! Oh how this has so many different meanings.
My fun today was going to the most adorable 3 year olds birthday party at a fire station. YES that’s right I said fire station. I got to help take pictures, climb on the fire truck, and maybe not look like to big of a kid wanting to play on the boat with all of them. We even got to bring home a goody bag! I know your jealous (it had a firetruck, stickers, and even a fire hydrant that was a water gun!)
Maybe one of the funnest parts of today was going to the book store with my husband. We bought Owen a Curious George book that had 8 stories in it. I know a little lame for a birthday present but He will get sick of toys and get rid of them, who knows how many times he and Brooke and Barry will read that book, to him and his adorable little brother Blaine.
Our fire station adventure was met with reality after we got home and I only sat on the couch with Mike for about 30 minutes then back to the office to study. Thank god I have an amazing husband that likes to cook. What an amazing dinner he made me so that I could study until dinner time. I think I will go say hi to him and be on the way to bed.
Let’s pray I’ve learned enough to pass that neurophysiology test in the morning.
Hooray for fire trucks!