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Making Someone’s Day

It has been a long time since I have been told that I made someone’s day. Well after a lot of thought and help from the husband I finally decided on what I was going to get my grandmother for her birthday, which is April 5th. Oh and if you haven’t figured it out yet, my grandmother is one of the most important people and most wonderful woman in my life.
Over the past months, well since school started, I have fallen in love with the Pioneer woman cookbook and now her love story and I can’t wait for her children’s book to come out so that I can buy it for my niece, well she’s not really my niece but she is the closest thing that I have got.
So back to what I was talking about. Mike helped me decide that since my grandmother really enjoys reading that I should by her the Pioneer Woman’s book “Black Heels to Tractor Wheels”. So since I live a pretty good distance away from home and can’t make it home for birthday parties anymore, I got on amazon and purchased the book, as well had it gift wrapped.
I wasn’t expecting it to get to her until later this week since it was two day shipping and I ordered in the middle of the day yesterday. Well I talked to her this evening on my way home from studying and she told me that she got a really great surprise in the mail this afternoon.
My grandma said, “When the UPS man delivered the package I was very confused because I hadn’t ordered anything.” So she brought it in the house and opened the package to find a nice card from her granddaughter and grandson. She went on to tell me that she had just finished a book this afternoon and how wonderful it was that she had a new one to start reading tomorrow, especially since the weather outside hasn’t been very nice. She just had so much joy in her voice and such surprise that I would send her a present in the mail. Well I have only gotten to read a few chapters of the book and I think it is quite excellent. She loves books and she loves reading true love stories. Oh! and to make things better come to find out my grandfather know’s the family that the book is about. It never crossed my mind that since Pawhuska, OK is so close to Ponca City, OK that my grandfather would have done some work over the years for that family.
I am so glad that I could put a smile on my grandmother’s face, give her an early birthday present, and give her something to start doing tomorrow. She is a special lady, that maybe I can get her addicted to the pioneer woman and all of her amazing blogs, stories, and cookbooks.