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Tired and apparently hungry

Long day. Long night. Not eating out or eating sweets. We’ve been gone all weekend. I’ve got to study. When was the last time I ate. I think it’s 930 pm?


Now that’s love. Grilled cheese and cuties. That will be great until the next time I need to eat dinner.


Blacktober: the wonderful month of October in your second year of medical school. A right of passage, a month (or 6 weeks in our case) of more hours of studying in a week than you thought possible, missing the one I love even though he is sitting in the other room studying too, not actually celebrating my birthday, and hopefully doing well on the second and third set of tests that second year has brought upon us.

Medical school is hard. First year sucks. Second year is better, but do not mistake that for any easier. 36 days and counting until Disney World. Until then guess I will feel like this.