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I believe we live in tornado alley. It never crossed my mind that people who live in Oklahoma have not lived here their entire life have not ever been in a tornado warning or a tornado. I am not saying I have but I am pretty sure most of us that are born and raised in Oklahoma have went chasing tornados. I want everyone to make sure that they know that a tornado warning is worse than a tornado watch!

So the school closed for the predicted snow storm that was predicted to happen this winter, well now they have closed for these predicted tornados and severe weather. Oklahoma never leaves us with a dull moment. I felt bad for all of the 2nd years, well I guess they are now 3rd years, who had to pack up all of their board review stuff, many of them walking out with arms full of pathology notes (a couple of them said well if the school blows away I still have to take boards in a month and need all of this stuff so it needs to go home with me).

Plus Oklahoma made the Nightly News with Brian Williams about the possibility of how the tornados in Oklahoma could turn into what happened in Joplin, MO.

Well we will spend the evening with Yogi watching out the window for the tornados to come and Dan Threlkeld on the television because these storms are apparently headed for Tulsa. I have a center hallway that we can close all the doors too. Hopefully the storms will just rain and pour here, no crazy winds, or other parts of storms that we do NOT like.

Mike, Yogi, and I will hold down the fort. If you would like to come hang out with, Natalie, you sure can! Stay safe! Don’t go chasing any tornados!  I am sure we have all out grown that by now.