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These are the things that kept me company

It’s hard to learn anything when you feel crummy.
Comfy close.
Space heater.

Cough drops.

A box of Kleenex in every room in the house.

Hot tea. Hot coffee. Water.
Hope to feel better in the morning.
This “cold” or allergies, or whatever it is needs to go away, NOW!
Okay, I’m done complaining.

Brain on dehydration

Great way to start spring semester: having dizzy spells off and on all day. That’s what my past two weeks of life have been like. This is not fun when you look up from a book really fast, trying to hold a yoga pose, or while running.
Well being the self-diagnosing medical student that I have become I decided to use the handy dandy first consult: MCC of dizziness in an adult female 25-30 years of age, yes that’s right you guessed it: dehydration! Not PG. Come to think about it my consumption of liquids has become predominately coffee and tea. Maybe I will start carrying around one of these:

Make sure I drink a couple of them a day for now on. Plus it will help get rid of this stomach bug I caught over the weekend.