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Charts of information will haunt me FOREVER

Anesthesiology rotation. This is an important rotation. It is important to add this information to my medical knowledge, especially since I am going to be performing surgery in my future career. I remember learning pharmacology two years ago. Why didn’t this information stay in my brain. Local anesthetics, general anesthesia medication, volatile gases, nondepolarizing versus depolarizing agents. Fasiculations, what’s that? I really need this information to stick!

  • Drugs
  • Induction doses
  • Maintenance doses
  • Drug onset
  • Drug half-life
  • any other information that is IMPORTANT


It has been a long time since I had to make charts to remember drugs, but I guess it worked for pharmacology. Hopefully it will work for this rotation.

medical school saturdays

Future doctors of America are spending there Saturday in a study carrel or in an office, or maybe even at a coffee shop studying for a neuroanatomy exam if you are a first year medical student and I think a CPS exam if you are a second year student.
So while you are out enjoying this amazingly beautiful Saturday with your friends and family on the bike trails, running, riding your motorcycles, and hopefully not having any outdoor grilling since we are under a burn ban, I will sit here and learn as much as I can for as long as I can, for probably another good 12 hours today, so that I can take care of you one day.
disclaimer: this was not meant to be hateful or rude in anyway, I just want the world to know the sacrifices that us medical students make.