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Not to bad, if I do say so myself

I love reading the Pioneer Woman Cooks blog. I think I get a new email with a new recipe in it almost everyday. Well, earlier this week the recipe was for Whiskey Sliders. I decided to attempt these last night. Mike’s description of dinner last night “these are great!” That’s all the approval I need and this recipe will be put into the cookbook for future use.

Little venison patties turned out nicely.

Now had to make the sauce. Onions, butter, Head Country BBQ sauce, and Crown Royal.


Let the burgers simmer for a little while cover in the delicious sauce, topped with jalepenos.

What a great way to use leftover homemade dinner rolls.

They were nicely browned and toasted. Put it all together:

It was quite a good dinner, if I do say so myself.
Pioneer Woman


Yesterday when I finally got around to checking my email this was waiting for me:













Today when I got home from shopping, lunch, and good times with friends this is what was waiting on my doorstep:











The last Christmas break I am going to have from being in school needs to slow down just a bit. The next 10 days, 240 hours, or 14,400 minutes of life need to slow down, take their time passing.
I’m going to pretend for another 864,000 seconds that I didn’t get that email or that book wasn’t delivered by UPS today.

is there anyplace left to rent?

What to watch on TV or a movie?

I have watched 3 complete seasons of “Breaking Bad”,









caught up on all of “Grey’s Anatomy”,








but could probably watch every season all over again, watched “Bridesmaids”, random John Wayne movies, and of course the “Nightly News with Brian Williams” and “Rock Center.” After watching all of these things  I have discovered that the “Red Box” and the “Blockbuster Box” are the only places left to go to rent movies.



















There are no longer any Hollywood Videos, Hastings, or Family Videos that I have been able to locate in Tulsa, America. My question is “Are there any of these places left anywhere?”

Since we were not able to find one of these places to see if I could rent the fourth season of Breaking Bad, because this all that I really want to watch, we have decided to download a movie from ITunes. Guess I will keep the search going.

the moon.

Papa please get the moon for me. This was the book that Mike and I got my almost 2 year old cousin Spencer for Christmas. She had the greatest expression when she opened the present. “The MOON!” as she pointed at the cover. Then she realized that the book’s pages opened bigger than the book itself. Big ladders, a big full moon, a crescent moon, and a talking moon, what more could a little girl that loves the moon ask for! This might have been one of the best moments of my Christmas weekend. Even though it was just a little book, Spencer’s face and her little voice being so excited was one of the cutest and sweetest things ever.